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IT Cost Calculator

Calculating the real cost of IT has never been simpler.

Your business depends on a reliable IT infrastructure to operate and grow. From phone systems to internet connectivity, business applications, file management and more, IT is the underlying foundation of day-to-day business activities. So, it all just needs to work. But what if it doesn’t?

Calculate My IT Costs

Use our IT cost calculator to find out how much these 5 common IT risks can cost your business.

1. Lost Productivity

Almost all IT failures lead to decreased productivity—from not being able to access data and business applications to using resources inefficiently.

2. Security Breach

A security breach is unauthorized access to your data, system, application or network that gives intruders access to sensitive competitive and personal data.

3. Data Loss

Data loss may be tied to a security breach, an IT component failure, user error like accidental deletion or a disaster such as a fire or flood.

4. Poor Support Model

A poor support model can result in employees not knowing how to properly use the tools and software they have or how to fix IT issues that prevent them from doing their jobs.

5. Unexpected IT Repair Cost

Businesses that don’t proactively manage their IT investment often encounter unexpected failures. This could be anything from a device like a firewall or network switch dying to your entire server going down.

Our IT cost calculator will generate a free customized report outlining:

  • The true cost of each IT risk
  • How to prevent these unnecessary expenditures

How can all these risks add up to unexpected costs for your business?
Finding a way to calculate the real cost of IT hasn’t been an easy thing to do—until now.